Monday 16 June 2014

Technology keeps your eye on the road! A nifty idea!

Sometimes we use information not specifically related to process automation or Test+Measuremnt because they are unusual or simply because we like the idea! And we think this is a nifty idea!

Low pressure overmoulding services
used to finalise the Bike HUD for launch
EC Electronics has provided specialist manufacturing services to ready an innovative new Head Up Display (HUD) for market.  The recently launched Bike HUD from Bike Systems features a control module produced by EC Electronics.

The Bike HUD control module is connected to a small screen on the rider’s helmet, displaying dashboard information within the rider’s peripheral vision.  To ensure the module achieves the necessary robust requirements, EC Electronics used its in-house Low Pressure Overmoulding facility to entirely encapsulate the control board as well as the helmet and handlebar units.

Bike Systems engaged EC Electronics’ expertise at an early stage to rapidly prepare the finished design for production, contributing know-how in areas such as Design for Manufacture (DFM), production of the complete set of cable assemblies, as well as facilities for low-pressure overmoulding.  Additionally, working closely with the company’s Hong Kong subsidiary, EC Supply Chain Solutions, engineers were able to source an important custom component at a competitive price.

“Bike System’s innovative Bike HUD sets high standards of quality throughout, is robust and has received excellent reviews since its launch,” said Bill Green, Technical Director for EC Electronics.  “The success of this project showcases the technical competencies and manufacturing expertise EC Electronics can offer designers needing to take their project from an early prototype stage to full production readiness.”

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