Sunday 22 June 2014

Much ado about .... ? #PAuto @PASGlobal #Cybersecurity ?

You may think that but we cannot possibly comment!

The June issue of Industrial Automation Insider just out has this intriguing report. It is embedded in a larger and more informative report on the PAS Technology Conference 2014  - which was a major celibration of their 20th birthday this year.

"If I Tell You I Have to Kill You!
FBI Special Agent Angela Haun gave another keynote, but she insisted on no interviews, no photographs, and posted the talk she gave as FOUO, the lowest rung in the top secret ladder. So, I can’t tell you what she said. I CAN tell you that everything she said was easily available in the public domain, so the purpose of the cloak and daggery remains unclear."

Funnily enough Pas themselves  did indicate that she was going to speak in a release in April and even hinted on her subject as "..initiatives on cyber security protection for the industrial infrastructure..," but, as the IAI report on her keynote says, in so many words "You may think that but we cannot possibly comment!"

One wonders is this more of the Edward Snowden effect!

The front page of the current issue of Insider!

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