Thursday 12 June 2014

Visualisation made easy!

Fully integrated: scalable HMIs part of the Kollmorgen Automation Suite

Kollmorgen is extending its automation portfolio with new HMIs. The type AKI panels are available in three performance classes with 16:9 screens sized between 4’’ and 21’’. From a price and performance point of view, the essential differences between the AKI-A, AKI-B and AKI-C are definition, processing power and the variety of connection and communications possibilities.

HMIs are fully integrated without further interface
in the automation and motion control system. 
Since the Kollmorgen Visualization Builder 2.0 is also fully integrated into the Kollmorgen Automation Suite 2.7, machine and plant manufacturers can utilise all the advantages of a fully-harmonised automation and motion-control-system.

With their ARM9 processor, the type AKI-A HMIs are tailored to standard applications in which display screens with between four- and ten-inch diagonals and a limited connectivity are adequate. The functionally more advanced AKI-B panels cover screen sizes of 7, 12 and 15 inches. The powder-coated units with their Atom processors offer improved processing power in combination with expanded connections for serial communication and audio as well as USB and Ethernet. The AKI-C class covers flexible HMIs having screen sizes between 12 and 21 inches and a fully-fledged industrial PC with i7 four-core processors.

All of the AKI family members are seamlessly connected as an open platform into the Kollmorgen Automation Suite, which speeds up the development of automation and visualisation solutions without interposed interfaces. Front side the displays achieve IP65 standard and due to the smooth design of the units, they may be used in hygienically-demanding environments in the packaging, foodstuffs and drinks sectors.

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