Thursday 19 December 2013

HMI mobility examined in white paper!

InduSoft, now part of Invensys, has published a White Paper titled “Remote Access, Any Time, Any Place” that discusses the importance of remote HMI connectivity, as well as the various technologies, such as browsers, smartphone apps and cloud-based solutions, used for retrieving data.

In today’s highly automated plants headcounts are much smaller, yet operators, engineers and managers must respond faster to events. Fortunately, remote access tools are enabling them to effectively operate from anywhere inside or outside the plant.
Unfortunately, apps are generally developed only for iPhones and iPads. The large number of Android and tablet manufacturers in the market has resulted in numerous operating systems and screen sizes, making developing an app for each one prohibitively costly.

Remote access to HMI systems is typically achieved using the Internet, regardless of whether employees use a laptop or a smartphone. However, there is no single solution for all users. A browser works well for users with PCs, whose screens match the HMI screen.
However, browser-based data retrieval is often unsuitable for handheld devices, such as tablets and smartphones. The download times are too long and the screen sizes don’t match. For these devices, inexpensive apps often provide a better choice.

While there are many methods and devices for interacting with HMI data remotely, from smartphones to cloud computing, businesses must understand how each method works in order to select the best one for their needs.

This White Paper will discuss how remote access is best achieved depending on the device type:
·         PC
·         iPad or iPhone
·         Smartphone or Tablet
It will also examine the different methods for retrieving HMI data, such as browser-based access, apps and cloud computing.

In addition, the paper shows how new technologies, such as HTML5 and cloud computing, are transforming remote access, making it easier and inexpensive. 

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