Monday 2 December 2013

Profinet protocol added to automation system platform!

Bus protocol with drop-in migration interface in DeltaV™ system widens motor centre, variable speed drive options and adds redundancy for high availability applications

Emerson Process Management, with strategic partner for industrial Ethernet MYNAH Technologies, is to add PROFINET protocol to the DeltaV digital automation system.

Adding to the system’s wide range of bus compatibility offerings, PROFINET will join PROFIBUS DP and other protocols as an option in motor control centres, variable speed drive and other applications in process automation businesses.
Emerson's VIM2 interface module adds PROFINET protocol to DeltaV, connecting motor control centres and variable speed drives in process automation applications
Other Ethernet based protocols already supported include Modbus/TCP and Ethernet/IP via a Virtual I/O Module (VIM) interface with the DeltaV™ system. Release of a new drop-in replacement interface called VIM2 will enable inclusion of the PROFINET protocol.

“PROFINET for motor control centres, variable speed drives and other equipment is a growing bus protocol choice in process industries,” said Emerson Process Management’s chief strategic officer Peter Zornio. “This addition ensures our users have the full spectrum of system solutions. A big advantage of this and other Ethernet protocols is that they utilise commercial-off-the shelf network technologies, which helps reduce overall costs and training.”

The VIM2 with the PROFINET driver will support multiple levels of network availability. Low availability requirements are satisfied with simplex VIM2 modules and standard COTS network equipment. Medium availability or reliability will be supported with simplex VIM2 modules with media redundancy network topology. High availability requirements are met using redundant VIM2 modules with the built-in Ethernet ports communicating through media redundancy, without external switches.

The VIM2 interface also allows separation of the DeltaV control network from the PROFINET network like a firewall. The VIM2-based PROFINET architecture enables users to optimise expansion activities or perform maintenance operations on MCC and variable speed drives in remote locations from a laptop using vendor-specific diagnostic tools, while constantly monitoring applications from a centralised network. The VIM2 interface and firewall function allow this high level of access without sacrificing control system security integrity.

The PROFINET protocol running on the VIM2 will be available in November 2014.

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