Monday 9 December 2013

Clever Combination: Nominated for the Automation Award 2013

Optical color band tracking used for driving, Data Matrix codes used for positioning and control codes used for navigation. The PGV positioning system from Pepperl & Fuchs, is the only product that offers this combination, making it the optimal solution for controlling automated guided vehicles.

Thanks to the camera system's powerful, integrated signal processing facility, the X and Y position, the speed, the angle, and the operating status are accurately detected at all times and are continuously reported. The wide reading window can cope with any branches, crossovers, and even tight curves with precise position feedback at all times.

The unique combination of color band
tracking and code reading makes the
PGV the ideal solution for automated
guided vehicles.
Uniquely Insensitive
The PGV's revolutionary camera technology makes it completely insensitive to ambient light. Even dirt on or damage to the color band or codes do not trouble the PGV. Shiny floors, changing ambient light, and strong light reflections interfere with conventional optical positioning systems, since they do not have a balanced selection of aperture, lens, and shutter speed. On the new PGV positioning system, the optical components are purely focused on the "region of interest" and the aperture and shutter speed selected are coordinated with optimum lighting. This makes overexposure a physical impossibility, and means that the ambient light cannot impair the reading performance. The color band for route tracking, for which any width and color can be selected, therefore no longer needs to be optically differentiated from the floor covering with contrast bands.

Reliable Processes in All Areas
With its superior hardware and software, the PGV delivers excellent process reliability, flexible handling, and cost efficiency. The integrated universal interface for all standard fieldbuses and process control systems provides the positioning system with plug&play connectivity. In short, it is the perfect solution for automated guided vehicles in intralogistics, material handling, the automotive industry, the print and paper industry, healthcare, and many other areas.

• Reliable and efficient production processes with Data Matrix codes and color bands being combined for the first time
• Safe transport of goods using continuous position feedback and positioning
• Universal, since any color bands can be used for route tracking
• Large reading window can cope with tight curves
• Insensitive to damage to and dirt on the color band and code tape
• No moving parts in the sensor guarantee a long service life
• Environmental influences have no impact thanks to the high-quality LED lighting
• User-friendly and simple commissioning process

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