Wednesday 18 December 2013

Batch control system support! #PAuto

Burkert  has launched a new system service for designing, manufacturing and commissioning packaged batch control solutions for use in markets such as hygienic processing, water treatment, brewing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical/biomedical, chemicals - and many more.
Burkert’s batch control solutions offer the advantages of integrating a world class range of fluid control products, with third-party products - where required - in systems that are bespoke to customer requirements, fully optimised for maximum performance and designed to meet specific sector requirements regarding hygiene.

The batch control solutions are the result of Burkert’s unique ability to combine process and laboratory automation, valve elements, sensors, flowmeters, water treatment systems and networked communications into single source customised systems that deliver higher process efficiency and also higher yields with reduced waste.

The scope of Burkert’s service involves complete project responsibility, from conception through design, manufacture, assembly and testing. It covers both small and large production runs, extends to integration of third-party equipment, and offers the key benefit of simplifying equipment designs; making them more compact and easier to use.

The batch control solutions can be housed in control enclosures of almost any material, including GRP and stainless steel, and integrate comprehensive levels of instrumentation: level, pH, conductivity, ORP, combined flow rate, pH, ORP, temperature and conductivity, as well as visual displays and controllers.

“What is increasingly evident, today, is that the complexity of modern processes cannot always be satisfied with standard batch control,” said Tom Carnell, Manager of Burkert UK’s System Division.

"The requirements for process systems used in medical, biomedical and analytical applications are becoming ever more demanding. To meet these demands, specialised systems are often required. This could involve Burkert in producing a totally individual design, or, more simply, modifying an existing batch process product. Whatever the requirement, a team of engineers and technicians is always on hand to provide the most cost effective solution, and the closest correlation between market demands and equipment performance.”

The batch control solutions are a further development in Burkert’s overall systems capability. At its Stroud facility, Burkert already provides products ranging from ATEX certified control cabinets, to MicroFluidic multi-station dosing and mixing units for DNA synthesis, to systems based on its mxControl, multi- parameter controller that fully automate and optimise water treatment and purification processes.

• Burkert are marketed in Ireland by Petrochem Pipeline Supply.

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