Wednesday 4 December 2013

Automation partnership agreement for Canada

ACM Facility Safety and Autopro Automation Consultants have established an integration partnership agreement focused on providing real-time risk visualization solutions to process industries in Canada. The partnership is designed to deploy SafeGuard Sentinel software, a solution that allows users to monitor their process safety risks in real-time, and provide Risk Performance Indicators (RPIs), equipping management to proactively track process safety performance without incidents.

As the largest independent automation engineering specialty organization in Canada, Autopro is uniquely qualified to seamlessly integrate SafeGuard Sentinel into the wide range of existing control systems and industrial information systems which need to be monitored to ensure process plants are operated with visibility into their level of risk.

SafeGuard Sentinel took ACM more than three years to develop, and has been described by industry experts as a long-overdue disruptive technology; a technology that unexpectedly will change the way plants are operated.

Ken Bingham, CEO at ACM, tells us that the partnership with Autopro is the perfect fit in ACM’s ongoing mission to make the world a safer place, “I’m very excited about our partnership with Autopro. Autopro’s experience with safety systems and integration are a powerful combination that will allow us to meet the safety needs of our clients.  The end result is that plants using this technology will operate more safely, resulting in fewer process upsets, reduced environmental damage, reduced damage to assets and most importantly, fewer injuries.”

David Nakaska, President of Autopro Automation Consultants, mirrors the excitement of ACM, “Risks take many forms within operating facilities from safety and environmental related risks to equipment damage, process upsets, production interruption and damage to corporate image. ACM has developed a unique product in Safeguard Sentinel which can make a real difference in achieving safer and more productive facilities by identifying risks in real-time. Autopro is delighted to add our expertise in industrial automation, functional safety, industrial IT and systems integration to complement ACM’s process safety and risk experts in the design and implementation of this high value solution.”

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