Monday 9 December 2013

Endorsed for use with data historian!

Ocean Data Systems has announced its new "Dream Report - Proven Partner" program with Canary Labs as its latest member.

Proven Partners have chosen to work closely with Ocean Data Systems, committing to deliver joint services and long term support to our combined customers. Together, we've proven the integration of our products and commit to working together as partners, delivering our customers the highest quality solutions today, and migration paths for tomorrow.

"We are very proud to be working with Canary Labs, supporting Dream Report in connection with their Data Historian," explained Roy Kok, vice president of sales and marketing for Ocean Data Systems. "Today, we connect with their Data Historian through OPC Foundation standards. As part of this new relationship, Ocean Data Systems will also develop direct connectivity to Data Historian, leveraging their Web Services interface. We expect that connectivity to be available early in 2014."

"Dream Report is a great solution for automated reporting and data analytics, and it is the standard for reporting for one of our Data Historian OEMs, ARC Informatique," says Ed Stern, vice president of marketing for Canary Labs. "The Dream Report - Proven Partner program is an ideal way to show our joint customers a unified front and commitment to work together."

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