Tuesday 10 December 2013

Handheld laser thermometer

There is a growing market for handheld products, as consumers increasingly demand devices that are mobile.

The GIM 3590 LaserSight Series Handheld Thermometer is perhaps a good example of a temperature monitor that can be used across a wide range of industries. Supplied by PVL, the instrument is manufactured by Greisinger and comes with a laser cross-hair that enables users to take more precise measurements.

The integrated sharp point allows users to assess objects that are just 1 mm in size.

It has switchable focus point optics, which means users can deploy the handheld piece of equipment in the most comfortable and convenient position possible.

Other standout features of the GIM 3590 include:

- Additional thermocouple input

- Measuring range between -35 and 900 degrees Celsius

- Optical resolution 75:1

- USB interface and graphical software

- Fast response time

- Weighs just 420 g

- Battery-powered and is very economical

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