Thursday 12 December 2013

Integrated prediction and protection system for hydroelectric turbines!

New offering gives early warning of developing turbine problems, helping to reduce maintenance costs and improve safety

Emerson Process Management has introduced an integrated predictive diagnostics and protection system that offers real-time monitoring to improve reliability for all major types of hydro turbines. The predictive diagnostics help maximise availability and reduce maintenance costs, and the protection system helps hydro power plants avoid catastrophic failure and comply with safety, health and environment regulations.

Building on its experience in effective predictive monitoring technologies for steam and gas turbines, Emerson developed low frequency sensors with built-in signal filtering and conditioning for use with its CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor. By accurately monitoring measurements such as vibration, temperature and eccentricity, the CSI 6500 captures meaningful data for every aspect of hydro machinery operation.

“We are applying our expertise with predictive diagnostics to hydroelectric turbines – giving users the ability to proactively address equipment issues before they impact performance or safety,” said Nathan Pettus, vice president of Emerson’s Machinery Health Management business. “This continues Emerson’s commitment to offer the right products and solutions to give our users peace of mind about their critical assets.”

The CSI 6500 and machinery health sensors provide continuous monitoring on hydro turbines and give instant notification of vibration alerts. When a pre-set trip level is exceeded, the protection system shuts down the turbine automatically, ensuring improved safety of plant personnel and preventing catastrophic machine damage. Just as importantly, predictive diagnostics from the CSI 6500 enable plant personnel to identify potential issues in the turbines such as cavitations or rotor imbalance and plan repairs before the protection system is ever engaged.

For facilities that require additional protection parameters, the CSI 6300 SIS Digital Overspeed Protection system protects equipment and personnel from damage caused by overspeed event.

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