Tuesday 31 December 2013

Control systems training!

ISC will be holding a Robust and Reliable Control Systems Design Training Course on the 4th till the 6th of February 2014  in Glasgow (GB).

This course illustrates the basic concepts of robust and reliable systems and the problems associated with multivariable control systems design.

Control techniques such as Predictive Control, Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control, H-infinity Control, Loop Shaping and QFT are all covered in the lectures. Fault tolerant and reconfiguration control are also included in this course; together with state estimation using Kalman filters for both control and fault detection. The lectures are reinforced by Hands-On simulation and design examples that provide practical experience of the concepts covered. Computer design packages that simplify the design process are demonstrated.

An Early Bird Discount is available if registration is completed 4 weeks before the scheduled start date of the training course.

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