Monday 23 December 2013

Wiring system

Rittal’s wiring system for Ri4Power facilitates vertical and horizontal cable routing in conjunction with internal Form 2-4 separation.

Where vertical cable routing is required pre-punched cut-outs are provided in the mounting brackets for compartment dividers, which can easily be knocked out and used to install a vertical wiring channel.

Horizontal cable routing occurs behind the front trim panels. This entails fitting a wiring trim panel suitable for accommodating a wiring channel while, at the same time, concealing the busbar system.

Rittal’s wiring trim panel consists of an inner front cover of the main busbar system with the option of mounting a wiring channel size 40 x 20 mm (W x D). For use in Ri4Power switchgear with 300 mm high front trim panels, the wiring trim increases the flexibility of the Ri4Power system and makes control gear cabling easier.

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