Tuesday 18 October 2011

Network connectivity for CAN-enabled devices

HMS extends network connectivity for CAN-enabled devices

Extended release of the Anybus® Communicator CAN™ enables CAN-devices to be connected to CC-Link, ControlNet, Modus RTU, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP and Profinet IRT.

The Anybus® Communicator CAN™, enables communication between any industrial device with a CAN interface and a chosen industrial network. Following the initial release in July which offered connectivity to 5 networks, HMS can now offer a complete solution for 11 major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks. 
- CANopen
- CC-Link (new)
- ControlNet (new)
- DeviceNet
- Modbus RTU (new)
- Profibus
- EtherCAT (new)
- EtherNet/IP
- Modbus TCP (new)
- Profinet
- Profinet-IRT (new)

Typical users and applications
The Anybus Communicator CAN makes life easier for system integrators and network designers enabling quick and easy connection of CAN-enabled devices to a higher level network. Typical devices include frequency drives, sensors, actuators, human machine interfaces, barcode readers, RFID readers, weighscales and other types of industrial machinery.

True Anybus: connectivity to any fieldbus or Ethernet network
"There is a great need to connect industrial automation devices running CAN to different industrial networks. The initial market response after the first release in July confirms this and the product is already being implemented on a wide scale by customers. The networks in highest demand so far have been EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet, but we have also seen an increase in orders from Profinet users. With the new release, we now realize the full Anybus promise offering connectivity to any fieldbus or Ethernet network,” comments Martin Falkman, Product Line Manager Gateways at HMS.

Technical highlights

Any device with a CAN 2.0 A- or B-based protocol can be connected without any hardware or software changes to the CAN devices. This allows automation devices, even those with slower CAN communication, to be integrated into high-speed fieldbus/Ethernet networks without any restrictions to the upper network.

Included with the Communicator CAN is the Anybus Configuration Manager enabling visual CAN frame building without any programming or scripting skills needed.

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