Thursday 27 October 2011

Guiding technicians

Diane R Barkin wrote Start-Up: A Technician’s Guide, Second Edition, just published from the ISA stable,  with the technician in mind. It is a non-mathematical, practical book that provides an overview of the scope of duties a technician must perform in real-world situations.

The author has updated her publication significantly since the first edition. She has added content regarding project execution, information concerning various systems and the personnel a technician will work with in the current manufacturing environment.

When new plants or systems go online, Control Systems Technicians face special challenges. The start-up may be a newly built, substantially changed, or a portion of a manufacturing facility. Barkin explores and explains the crucial role a technician plays in the process. From the first start-up team meeting to the last round of tuning and loop checking, she uses her extensive practical experience in the process control field to walk through the issues and skills typically required during a start-up.

Each chapter includes self-study learning objectives, practice questions and exercises, answers and references to industry practices and standards.

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