Monday 3 October 2011

CMC monitoring reduces complexity

CMC III, the third and completely re-designed generation of their Computer Multi Control (CMC) monitoring systems with its striking new feature, the change to Controller Area Network (CAN) buses has been launched by Rittal. Standardised and very robust, these field buses are integrated in the central processing unit and in their intelligent sensors. Unlike traditional I/O units, the CAN-bus sensors are not individually connected to the central processing unit, but rather to each other in series: A CAN bus, linked to the buses in the neighbouring enclosures, is found in each server enclosure.

Data is simply "passed through" until arriving in the central unit. The reduced complexity means there is much less unwanted cable clutter when installing, maintaining and modifying the system. Since far fewer modules are needed, the cost of the system is also slashed. Rittal has also taken a new direction with sensors: Two most important functions, the temperature sensor for the cold air intake at the front of the server and an infrared sensor, which monitors whether the enclosure door is open or closed, are already integrated in the central processing unit as defaults.

Completely revised, the CMC III enclosure now requires far less expensive space in the server rack. Just one-third of a height unit is enough space for the third generation CMC's processing unit. In addition, the new power pack is housed in an identical enclosure, which is easily installed in the same height unit and connected via cable. Power supply via Power over Ethernet (PoE) is also possible.

With the CMC III, network integration, as well as configuration and commissioning, are performed comfortably with a laptop and a USB port. User can choose between TCP/IPv4 and TCP/IPv6 as network protocols. Working with RiZone IT infrastructure management software and the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, CMC III is capable of initiating automated counter-measures. Emergency situations can thus be defused immediately without human intervention, while the responsible members of staff are alerted by text message or e-mail.

Rittal was one of the companies exhibiting at EFM Expo in Cork (IRL) last week.

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