Thursday 13 October 2011

Network switch supply agreement

Yokogawa has signed a supply agreement with Belden, a global manufacturer whose products include the Hirschmann brand of industrial network switches: components that are used to connect the different components of a control network. This new agreement will allow Yokogawa to provide a long-term and stable supply of Hirschmann's highly reliable Industrial Ethernet switches to its customers for use with the Yokogawa Vnet/IP® high-speed control network. Under the terms of the agreement, Yokogawa will sell these network switch products to its customers and provide maintenance services that facilitate the configuration of highly reliable control networks.

Overview of Vnet/IP Communications
The construction of reliable plant control networks requires high performance network switches that are reliable and have strong resistance to hostile environments with extreme ambient temperatures and corrosive gasses. In addition, the continuous supply and maintenance of switches must be ensured at each stage of the plant lifecycle. Yokogawa will offer Hirschmann brand network switches from Belden, the global leader in this market, because customers value a low failure rate and high environmental resistance. In addition, Hirschmann's Industrial Ethernet switches are the perfect choice for configuring control networks in plants in demanding environments that must operate with long-term stability.

Yokogawa is committed to providing its customers with highly reliable plant control systems and the long-term support required to guarantee stable operations over the entire plant lifecycle.
The Yokogawa Vnet/IP® high-speed control network allows control information to be transmitted between the devices such as human interface stations and controllers that comprise a control system. The Vnet/IP control network is used in Yokogawa's CENTUM® VP integrated production control system and ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system.

(We recently reported the acquisition of Byres Security by Belden!) 

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