Thursday 6 October 2011

Alarms & Events

MatrikonOPC™ has released its new Alarms and Events (A&E) Historian, an easy-to-use solution that allows industrial facilities to more easily store and retrieve information that will help improve preventative maintenance programs. The data historian allows users to analyze and diagnose their critical alarm information in real-time using standard database queries.

With its automatic A&E configuration, the MatrikonOPC A&E Historian does not require any programming or manual setup. Users simply connect to an OPC Server and start collecting A&E data instantly in a single repository.

“A critical element in plant management and optimization is minimizing downtime using condition-based maintenance. Instant access to archived A&E data and the ability to analyze it on the spot enables users to run more effective preventive maintenance programs,” said Darek Kominek, Marketing Manager at MatrikonOPC “This allows the users to perform analysis quickly and develop an effective preventative maintenance program to improve safety, availability and profitability.”

The A&E Historian consolidates A&E data from many data sources of major control systems. It also interoperates with all compliant A&E OPC Servers, and leverages existing reporting tools such as Microsoft Excel, Excel Reporter and other typical reporting tools.

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