Saturday 22 October 2011

Ultra high speed, flexible image processing system

The latest Keyence machine vision system is without doubt the most complete vision system on the market. Already at top performance levels for speed, resolution, stability and the range of software tools, the XG-7000 Series can now also be programmed in a PC environment. The Controller houses a powerful image processing platform dedicated to avoiding problems of overloading and maintainability commonly found with conventional PC System. This vision system combines flexibility, stability, and performance with simplicity. Thus, it can be used by all, for all applications.

The PC software can be used to develop the vision program and the user interface. The XG Vision Editor software is intuitive, fast, and flexible, and it can be fully personalised.

The program takes the form of a flowchart, in which the users simply drag and drop processing 'blocks' to create the flow. A wide range of algorithms and filters are available. Among them, the ShapeTrax2 positioning tools, the Stain defect detection tools, and the Edge measurement tools that are already well known in our current Machine Vision systems. As an extra feature, the XG-7000 provides the possibility of executing operations on the images before processing them; this enables use of image calibration and distortion correction systems that are in strong demand in the field of robotics and dimensional measurement. Bar codes, OCR and 2D codes can also be read.

The system's flexibility also lies in the possibility of integrating the source code written in C language by the user. It is then possible to execute algorithms and specific filters, and import from your existing applications.

New Debugging, simulation and Trace log tools can be used to test the vision program and the interface in order to reduce integration time.

The XG-7000 Series is secure; it manages user rights and keeps a log of changes.
It can handle up to 100 users with 5 access levels.

The controllers can be networked, and accessed remotely using software to view and test the changes made from a remote terminal or via the Internet, without stopping production.

An FTP server can be used to send the information (data and images) to a central monitoring system.
An ActiveX component enables control of the vision system; it is integrated in a machine. The ActiveX control can also be used to create measurement data, obtain information concerning results or historical data, and manage files.

Performance and stability
The XG-7000 is the most powerful vision system on the market. For example, it provides the possibility of processing 1 million pixels in 20.5 ms. This calculating power also enables implementation of multiple controls and further enhancement of production control: unrivalled repeatability (7 times higher than the current standards) and numerous image processing features are available to optimise the precision of the controls.
The models in the XG-7000 series are controlled by a high-speed colour image processing engine and a fast RISC (reduced instruction set computing) processor linked to two DSPs (digital signal processors) that are specific to the image processing system. Overall, the models in the series use four processors to provide parallel processing and the highest possible processing speeds.

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