Wednesday 26 October 2011

More than 1000 hydraulic macros

A new, comprehensive master data package for hydraulics now bridges the gap between fluid and mechanical design. More than 1000 new hydraulic macros in Eplan Fluid speeds up and simplify interdisciplinary documentation.
The new hydraulic macros in Eplan Fluid are the basis for fast, clear documentation.

The advantages of a common set of control technology documentation for fluid and electrical engineering is well known, a look at hydraulics opens up even more potential. From the beginning, Eplan Fluid 2.0 offered users a comprehensive "fluid data package" containing more than 1000 hydraulic macros. The combination of CAE functionality and the new macros provides unbeatable advantages for hydraulic designers, especially in mechanical engineering. This combination has high standard of graphic documentation according to current standards and a modular system for sub-plates, hydraulic power units, sandwich arrangements and more. What technical data must be including in the hydraulic schematic? What pressure switch settings are needed and how are they best represented in the schematic? Eplan Fluid offers the ideal solution for high-quality documentation through a combination of macros, pressure switches for instance, and the associated data tables.

Perspective: rotating and mirroring

The new macros are all designed for intelligent rotating and mirroring of fluid elements; a function in the upcoming version of Eplan Fluid. Background: Often in a schematic, it is necessary to represent that cylinders move in opposite directions and correspondingly control them. Ideally, the user only has to design half the switch and completes the documentation using the new convenient functions for rotating and mirroring. The macros provide an excellent basis for key users and administrators.

Intelligent macros
The high diversity of filters and pump/motor combinations on power units often leads to documentation that differs only in the details. Eplan technologies, such as variant technology and project options, are the foundation of creating intelligent macros that can be immediately changed in the fluid plan. A modular system makes it easy to create different variants of collective sub-plates. This system provides the easiest way to put together sections.

Interesting for manufacturers
The macro collection is the ideal starting point for fluid power component manufacturers in the hydraulic industry. They can also use the Eplan Data Portal to make their component data available. The perfect multiplier. While the neutral macros available in Eplan Fluid can be used for different manufacturers, the component data in the Eplan Data Portal is associated with a specific manufacturer and provides a solid engineering basis when combined with additional documents such as technical data sheets, component photos and 2D and 3D data.

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