Thursday 20 October 2011

Smart switch for Ethernet radios

RadioLinx Smart Switch intelligent routing technology enables true peer-to-peer wireless Ethernet communication. When coupled with the Industrial Frequency Hopping Ethernet’s 1.1 Mbps data rate capabilities, the Smart Switch radios from ProSoft Technology provide best-in-class performance for any application.

This new Smart Switch feature, supported in its RadioLinx® Industrial Frequency Hopping Ethernet Radios for the 2.4 GHz spectrum (900 MHz as well for applications in North America).

With Smart Switch technology, the Ethernet radios are able to intelligently route packets over the network, managing the wireless network and creating true peer-to-peer wireless Ethernet communication. The powerful, rugged Industrial Ethernet radios provide long-range wireless connectivity (up to 7+ km in Europe, up to 3+ miles in North America) with 1.1 Mbps data rates. When coupled with the efficient Smart Switch feature, this solution provides industrial, process and SCADA users with reliable ‘any-node-to-any-node’ communication with best-in-class performance, including faster scan times, faster upload/downloads, and faster PING times.

Industries that rely on robust and long range performance of frequency hopping wireless technologies now get the added benefit of true network connectivity. Smart Switch enables the SCADA network to behave like a true Ethernet network boosting system performance.

An additional unique feature of the Industrial Frequency Hopping Ethernet radios is a serial port that can be used to pull data from a serial device and send to a client via wireless Ethernet.

For configuration and advanced network-wide diagnostics, the radios use ControlScape Configuration and Diagnostic Software, an easy to use graphic interface for configuration and network-wide diagnostics. An OPC server is also included to enable wireless network monitoring within HMI screens.

The Industrial Frequency Hopping Ethernet radios with Smart Switch technology are available globally, through the ProSoft Technology distribution channel. For existing users of the RadioLinx® Industrial frequency Hopping Ethernet radios (RLX-IFHx series), the Smart Switch feature is backward compatible, allowing existing devices to be upgraded from the field.

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