Thursday 13 October 2011

Smart wireless street infrastructure.

Dust Networks®, the leader in intelligent wireless sensor network solutions, has announced that Streetline the leading global provider of smart parking solutions for cities, airports, universities, private garages and consumers, has selected the company as its wireless sensor networking technology provider. The Dust Networks SmartMesh® network supports a variety of Streetline’s sensor-enabled mobile and web-based smart parking solutions due to its long battery life, reliability and robust scalability.

“Dust Networks’ ultra-low-power SmartMesh products allow us to cost effectively deploy sensors anywhere in the urban environment, especially in places where power is not readily available,”
said Zia Yusuf, president and CEO of Streetline. “Combining Streetline's patented sensor-based applications with Dust mesh technology allows us to deliver low-cost and high reliability solutions to our customers.”
“We are very excited about partnering with Streetline,” said Joy Weiss, president and CEO of Dust Networks. “The pioneering work Streetline has done in smart parking is already making cities greener and reducing traffic congestion in major urban areas. Major efficiencies will be realized as more and more wireless sensor data is collected and fed into Streetline’s systems to make that information actionable.”

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