Monday 3 October 2011

Wireless temperature!

Yokogawa has now released its new wireless multi-input temperature transmitter.

Built on the ISA100.11a industrial automation wireless communication standard, the YTMX580 is battery powered and features an industry-leading eight analog input channels, each configurable for thermocouple, RTD, DCV and 4-20mA measurement. The YTMX580 is a cost effective way to measure multiple temperature points in distant plant locations where there is no signal cabling or power available for traditional wired instrumentation. With eight input channels, the YTMX580 increases operating efficiency and reduces installation time and maintenance costs by combining multiple inputs into a single transmitter.

Temperature data is sent via a secure wireless link to an ISA100.11a gateway receiver, making that data available to a wide range of plant instruments and data acquisition and control systems. The field-replaceable internal battery pack that powers the YTMX580 provides years of continuous operation under normal conditions and it is shared with Yokogawa ISA100.11a Field Wireless EJX-B differential pressure/pressure and YTA510 temperature transmitters.

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