Friday 28 October 2011

Load cell for rocket motor testing

We've just reported on ABB involvement in the meterological satelite project from NASA (Out of this world! Abb in space!) now we have this story on an application for rocket motor testing from RDP.

Model 41 load cells with dual bridge configuration supplied by measurement specialists RDP Electronics Ltd are in demand from British based rocket motor manufacturing facilities for use in testing programmes.

Because rocket engine testing is expensive to set up, good quality and verified data from the test and measurement equipment is critical. So too is a load cell that can meet the arduous conditions and strain that thrust measurement tests place on the transducer. The use of dual bridge load cells ensures that the two entirely separate bridge networks built into a single load cell can be separately logged and checked against each other to ensure that the data has maximum validity. Additionally, in the unlikely event of a large load spike there is a better chance of one out of two of the bridges surviving in order to complete the measurement cycle. Dual bridge load cells are effectively two load cells contained in a single housing, each with its own connectors and separate strain gauge networks permitting two sets of signal conditioning electronics to be deployed. Under normal operating conditions, the two outputs can be compared for greater certainty of data integrity or in the event of failure of one, the second signal conditioning set maintains system integrity.

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