Friday 10 September 2021

Thermal imaging offer!

A promotion offering customers a free thermal imaging lens when they buy a Fluke thermal imaging camera between 1 September and 15 December 2021 has been announced*. The lenses provide greater flexibility across the range of applications for thermal imaging cameras by delivering increased accuracy and precise image quality. All lenses are interchangeable and compatible with Fluke’s range of thermal imaging cameras.

Nicolas Bravo de Medina, Marketing Director EMEA at Fluke said: "In offering a free lens with a selected range of Fluke thermal imagers, our customers can capture the high-definition thermal images needed to complete reliability inspections, make industrial maintenance decisions, conduct building diagnostic testing and troubleshooting. There is no need for customers to use their lens straight away. All lenses are compatible with our range of thermal imaging cameras, so it is possible to claim the free lens now and use it when it is required. Our thermal imaging cameras are designed for reliability and ease of use to ensure our customers can easily implement safe preventative maintenance programs."

Thermal imaging applications
Thermal imaging cameras offer a fast assessment of the health and condition of assets and are widely used in industrial maintenance and facilities management applications. Through infrared image capture, the cameras are used to spot a lack of uniformity in equipment by indicating hot and cold spots in surface temperature. Heat is often an early symptom of equipment damage or malfunction, making it an important factor to monitor in preventive maintenance programs. Thermal imaging technology is also used for predictive maintenance in process plants, industrial quality control, utilities and building inspection.

Lens benefits
The Wide-Angle Infrared Smart Lens offers a greater field of view which is particularly useful when scanning large areas like ceilings or roofs, as well as when monitoring assets in tight spaces. The 2x Telephoto Infrared Smart Lens magnifies two times more than a standard lens allowing the thermographer to remain at a safe distance from the target being scanned.

* How does it work?
Customers purchasing a qualifying Fluke thermal imager between 1 September and 15 December 2021 from an authorised distributor can claim a lens of their choice (either a 2x Telephoto Infrared Smart Lens or a Wide-angle Infrared Smart Lens) from the site here. The qualifying thermal imaging cameras include the Fluke Ti300+, Ti401Pro, Ti480Pro, Tix501 and Tix580 thermal imager. A receipt or invoice must be uploaded to verify proof of purchase. The free lens will be dispatched from Fluke within three weeks of the claim being made.

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