Wednesday 22 September 2021

Circular portfolio.

Dinkle International's circular connector portfolio, provides dependable connectivity options to ensure increased equipment productivity, even in the most challenging conditions.

Circular connectors for power, signals, and networking are easy to install and maintain for industrial applications, even in the most challenging field and factory environments.
Products are available in M12 and M8 sizes with a variety of pin arrangements, each following standard coding protocols to facilitate integration with industrial control systems, sensors, and actuators of all types. Various configurations are available for single-ended and double-ended cordsets, with straight or angled male or female connectors. Also available are casing-mount device connectors (front lock and rear lock) with pigtails, and solderable PCB connectors.

Nickel-plated die-cast fittings deliver a positive mechanical connection even in applications with high humidity, large temperature changes, and/or excessive vibration. Copper alloy gold-plated contacts for conductors and grounding pins provide reliable electrical connectivity, and sealing rings ensure that installed connections are airtight and waterproof.

Circular connector products are UL Listed, RoHS compliant, waterproof and dustproof to IP67 and above, and all are designed to resist corrosion from salt spray for 96 hours. They also are designed in accordance with appropriate standards, such as IEC 61076, 60512, and 60529.

High-quality cables are constructed in various materials to suit a wide variety of industrial applications. PVC is best when high rigidity and solvent resistance are required—and for high-temperature, high-pressure washdown environments. PUR exhibits high tensile strength and tear/bending/abrasion resistance, good for applications with frequent movement, such as robotic arms, with some models rated for bending over four million times.

Power connectors are offered in S- and T-Code. Signal connectors are configured for A-, B-, and D-code. Network connectors are available for PROFINET, Ethernet, CC-Link, CANopen, and PROFIBUS DP. The communication cables are shielded and meet the growing demand for integrating more sensors and actuators in the field.

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