Thursday 30 September 2021

Closed, but service continues!

Computer Solutions (COMSOL) has decided to close after 42 years. In a message to customers and supporters principal Chris Stephens says that it is time to "relax and fulfil other ambitions."

In order that PEmicro products (Multilink and Cyclone development tools and device programmers) continue to be served he was anxious that his customers should not be completely left without support. Someone who could provide the sort of Engineer to Engineer support that COMSOL have always been proud to supply.

eVision are PEmicros German distributor that can offer the level of service required. So after some discussion he entered into a marketing arrangement with eVision run by Werner Schoeppner. They have been selling PE in Germany for four years long enough to put together a comprehensive Web site and to really get to know the products. They hold good stocks and they have EU, Great Britain and rest of the world sales and shipping covered. Chris says, "Next time you need a cyclone or USB multilink please give them a try and tell them COMSOL/Chris sent you!"

Those currently using the USB multilink but need something with a bit more Oomph then the Cyclone range  is suggested. It can be used both for development and also for production where it supports a wide range of features including batch and even secure remote operation.

In the engineering tradition (Engineers never completely disconnect!!!) he will continue to get mail at but "will only look for it daily rather than every 10 mins as previously. So feel free to have a chat and to ask any general microprocessor based questions"

The information-packed website will continue on-line. It will be kept live providing technical insights on the products and then redirecting viewers to sites where they can purchase the items they used to be available from Computer Solutions Ltd. The "Information zone" consists of articles produced as background tutorials on subjects of interest to those designing new products. 

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