Wednesday 22 September 2021

Process data and diagnostics from many field radar level transmitters.

Gathering and communicating critical measurement and diagnostic data in oil and gas applications can be extremely challenging due to the harsh and remote conditions associated with these operations. A company in Kuwait recently needed a way to acquire data from dozens of radar LEVEL transmitters in the field, and in addition, provide power to these transmitters because there were limited power sources available at the site. Moore Industries HES HART to Ethernet Gateway System was able to fulfill both of these requirements.

The client multi-dropped six output loop-powered radar level transmitters to each single-channel HES for data acquisition, and utilized the HES transmitter excitation power supply feature to power the transmitters. The gathered process and diagnostic data was then sent over MODBUS/TCP from the HES back to the client’s BPCS (MODBUS/TCP Host) for higher level control, data acquisition and monitoring functions.

The HES offers a flexible and economical way to gather process data and instrument diagnostics from smart HART instruments and share it over an Ethernet infrastructure via its embedded web server or with MODBUS/TCP and HART-IP hosts. This enables fast and seamless connectivity for advanced monitoring of critical process variables and parameters. In addition to the single channel configuration outlined above, the HES is also available in a four channel configuration supporting up to 64 HART devices. The HES communicates with all HART 5, 6 and 7 devices including smart valves, multivariable flowmeters, pressure, pH, level, and temperature transmitters and more.

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