Tuesday 7 September 2021

Motor control centre grounding.

A new UL-approved product enhancement from Rockwell Automation helps increase workplace safety in a variety of industries from oil and gas refining operations to food and beverage processing plants.

Allen-Bradley CENTERLINE 1500 medium voltage motor control centers set a new safety standard with the new Integrated Protective Maintenance Grounding (IPMG) device. The integrated device grounds all load-side connections and load cables with the turn of a handle. This eliminates the need to manually attach hazardous temporary grounding cables.

The IPMG device: 

  • Provides a method to ground all load-side connections, including the load cables. Removes the cumbersome and hazardous use of utility-style grounding balls and temporary grounding cable assemblies.
  • Provides the ability to ground the output (load-side connections) without opening the power cell door.
  • Seamlessly integrates into motor control center power cells.

“Industrial operations must manage ever-changing safety environments and requirements,” said Jeff Fowler, product manager, Rockwell Automation. “The new IPMG device provides another level of safety in demanding manufacturing, processing and production environments. This integrated earthing switch eliminates the need for adding temporary grounding point cables.”

The IPMG device is also available in CENTERLINE motor control centers with ArcShield arc-resistant controller designs.

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