Thursday 16 September 2021

A fast, comprehensive overview of the plant.

The web-based visualisation software PASvisu now with Modbus/TCP interface and Secure-Client – Open for all visualisation tasks - but secure

Obtain a fast, comprehensive overview of a plant: that’s the purpose of Pilz’s web-based visualisation software PASvisu. The new version of PASvisu now also supports the Modbus/TCP protocol. The protocol enables all controllers to be connected quickly, along with other industrial components. The update also includes a secure Client/Server connection, enabling data from the PASvisu Server to be transferred safely to the user's visualisation system.

From the new version v1.10 for PASvisu, the web-based visualisation software supports not only OPC UA but also the Modbus/TCP protocol. This enables a simple exchange of process data between PASvisu and almost any control system. It is also possible to process data from different controllers simultaneously in one visualisation project.

As an open system, there is no need to change the existing automation infrastructure when using PASvisu: PASvisu can be used on existing machines with the available controllers. It can also be used via almost any end device, e.g. HMIs already integrated within the machine, external PCs or tablets.

“Secure-Client” ensures greater security during data exchange.  The “secure” Client/Server connection is also new. All data traffic between PASvisu Clients, Builder and the Server is now fully encrypted. At the same time user authentication has been increased: only authenticated Clients can log in to the PASvisu Server. That prevents manipulations and guarantees secure data transfer within the overall visualisation project.

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