Thursday 16 September 2021

Valve company to develop DTMs meeting industrial application demand.

Valtek Sulamericana (VALTEKSUL), a developer of mainland control valves, is the newest member of the FDT Group™. The company will be developing Device Type Managers™ (DTMs™) for its valve positioners to meet customer application demands.

Founded in 1979 in São Paulo, Brazil, VALTEKSUL serves the oil & gas, mining, pulp & paper, power, chemical and petrochemical industries and has received market recognition for the design, geometry, and shape that differentiates its control valve line in the commercial market. VALTEKSUL’s control valves for industrial processes and co-generation power plants are used worldwide.

End user requests for FDT device DTMs is a common trend in the industrial automation marketplace, and especially for critical actuator device types, where a single device can bring a process to a halt due to malfunction.

“Uptime is key in today’s industrial environment where demand is high and downtime leads to major losses,” Glenn Schulz, FDT managing director said. “FDT DTMs provide the smarts for any process or discrete device, providing operators with a comprehensive diagnostic view of the health of the device, network, and process. We are pleased to welcome VALTEKSUL to the FDT family of leading manufacturers flourishing in the market with FDT-enabled devices.”

“Application requirements for DTM support for our control valve family used both domestically in Brazil and internationally was a driving factor in our decision to become an FDT member,” commented Daniel Andrade, technical coordinator for VALTEKSUL. “We look forward to offering the standardized and enhanced technical benefits of FDT DTMs along with customized parameter functions that match our differentiation philosophies. The result will be a superior solution for our customer applications across the diversified automation markets.”

From planning, configuration, and commissioning to diagnostics and maintenance, the FDT DTM is the sole intelligent device software-based driver that empowers plant and factory operators with seamless access to industrial lifecycle functions and device data. This includes online and offline configuration capabilities from any FDT-enabled hosting environment (e.g., desktop, PLC, asset management application) and holds true for both on-premises and remote access depending on the setup and needs of the application. Millions of DTMs are currently in use around the globe.

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