Thursday 23 September 2021

Most accurate hydrocarbon sensor.

The “MPS™ Mini” a miniaturized version of NevadaNano's highly popular Molecular Property Spectrometer™ (MPS™) Flammable Gas Sensor has been launched*. The new sensor is "the world’s most accurate hydrocarbon sensor in its class" and eliminates the need for maintenance during its 10+year lifetime.

“We have extended our market-leading reliability, accuracy, and lifetime with enhanced algorithms which extends our market-leading position of detecting 19 of the most common combustible gases found in residential, commercial, and other general use environments,” said Ralph Whitten, President, and Member of the Board of Directors, at NevadaNano. “This new product in a lower cost package specifically targets IoT and high volume applications. This enables our customers to set new standards in connected gas sensors and helps companies create safer working environments in industrial, commercial and consumer applications.”

The newest addition to NevadaNano’s MPS Product family, the MPS Mini Flammable gas sensor measures the thermodynamic properties of the air-gas mix and accurately reports 0-100% LEL across 19 flammable gases without the need for field calibration. This performance meets the need for flexible sensor platforms in a wide range of non-industrial applications and makes it ideal for residential and commercial applications like smart meters and IoT devices. In essence, the Mini Flammable creates safer environments for people and their surrounding communities.

Integrated, real-time measurements and built-in compensation for temperature, pressure, and humidity enhance the accuracy of all NevadaNano’s MPS flammable gas sensors. Gas concentration readings are accurate across the entire environmental range, including rapid environmental transients, delivering best-in-class accuracy. The Mini Flammable, like all MPS sensors, is inherently immune to drift, decay, or poison.

*The sensor will debut this week at Sensors Converge in Booth #733 (21-23 Sept 2021 - San Jose CA USA).

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