Friday 3 September 2021

Smart home automation.

A robust roadmap for its Matter-compliant smart home solutions, committing to being among the first group of Matter-compliant devices immediately after the standard is approved has been announced by Schneider Electric. The company also plans to bridge its Wiser smart home ecosystem with Matter-connected systems by the same time.
As a board member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) and an active contributor to the Matter protocol development, Schneider believes that interoperability is the key for homes and buildings of the future. Matter builds upon market-proven technologies and best practices, and is the industry-unifying standard that aims to simplify connected experiences and provide greater interoperability in smart homes and buildings. By integrating technologies such as renewable energy generation and EV charging that are rapidly being adopted, Matter compliance can help in supporting the Schneider Electric sentiment around the sustainable future for our homes, and help pave a pathway to self-sufficient, net zero homes, while reducing e-waste and improving circularity.

The Schneider Electric Matter implementation roadmap includes:

  1. Innovating to create Matter-compliant smart home products. Schneider Electric will become one of the first few companies in the world to offer native Matter solutions.
  2. Bridging to connect existing and new systems. The Wiser smart home ecosystem ensures Matter compliance while retaining native Zigbee connectivity. Existing and new Wiser devices based on Zigbee will join the Matter ecosystem using the ‘bridge’ functionality of upgraded Wiser Hubs*, ensuring a sustainable approach where the installed base of devices do not become obsolete with the arrival of the new standard.
  3. Advocating for more Matter-compliant interoperability with others. Making interoperability and usage of products easier for consumers starts with industry wide collaboration to include Matter as a connectivity standard in the Wiser App.

“By ensuring smart home technology supports Matter – anticipated to be a widely accepted connectivity language – we will achieve much more than device compatibility and effortless comfort for the homeowner,” said Jai Thampi, SVP for Strategy and Innovation in the Home and Distribution Division, Schneider Electric.  “Interoperability among connected products will be at the heart of making our homes, offices, and entire cities more sustainable, more energy efficient, and more resilient in the face of the global threat of climate change. I firmly believe that Matter is an important project for the future of smart home, and we are committed to making it successful in the long run, while innovating at scale. Open, global standards such as Matter are essential for improving consumer experience, while ensuring a smart and sustainable connected future.”

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