Wednesday 9 December 2020

Mobile water analysis in steam boiler.

Checking relevant parameters in the water from steam boiler systems is easy and reliable with the help of the simple handling and fast response time of the µdox measuring device

The different load modes in steam boiler operation result in over- and under-dosing of chemicals. Preventing this from happening requires exact and quick control measurements on a daily basis. Correct dosing of chemicals prevents corrosion and deposits and supports safe long-term boiler operation. To prevent the risk of corrosion, the dissolved oxygen content must not be greater than 20 µg / l. This can be determined precisely with the oxygen electrode of the µdox handheld measuring device from OFS Online Fluid Sensoric, quickly and precisely.

In addition, the exact pH measurements in feed water and steam boilers in connection with the alkalization are absolutely necessary. The pH electrode from µdox offers a correct determination of the pH value not only in salty, but also in low-salt hot water. The pH sensor can also be used to determine m and p values ​​(acid capacity). All electrodes offer temperature-compensated measurements and simple, fast procedures for precise calibration.

The measurement results from up to eight different measuring points are saved according to date and time. After transferring the measurement results to a connected PC, it is possible to edit and visualize the data. In addition, there is no need for a time-consuming training period in handling the device due to the intuitive operation and the clear display. The robust construction of the measuring case makes its use in industry unproblematic and safe. The “mini-laboratory” is particularly suitable for daily use as a tool for boiler keepers and system operators. Efficient operation of the steam boiler can thus be ensured. In addition to analyzes on hot and steam boiler systems, µdox also enables use in district heating networks and for checking online measurements in power plants.

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