Wednesday 16 December 2020

Advanced steering valve.

The production launch of their SBX advanced steering valve, a fail-operational steer-by-wire valve for off-highway machinery, has been announced by Eaton. The compact, modular SBX valve increases machine flexibility and intelligence by enabling machine designers to tailor steering performance to the operator’s preferences and operating conditions.

The SBX advanced steering valve was designed for use in a fully electronically controlled steer-by-wire system. Fail-operational functionality is achieved by mounting the SBX valve to a secondary electrohydraulic valve or manifold. Because there’s no hydraulic connection to the cab, the valve can be remotely mounted, allowing for more flexible machine design and reduced cab noise. The valve can be paired with the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM’s) machine control system or with an Eaton controller, further increasing design flexibility.

“With our SBX advanced steering valve, we’re enabling OEMs to design and differentiate their vehicles in bold new ways,” said Jiri Foukner, EMEA product manager, Steering Systems at Eaton. “The valve’s modular design and fail-operational capability empower engineers to create unique cab environments while enhancing machine productivity and safety.”

The SBX advanced steering valve is SIL 2 and PLd capable, which enables OEMs to develop machinery that complies with international standards. Designed for equipment in the construction, agriculture, material handling and forestry industries, the valve is ideal for use with systems incorporating multiple steering wheels or alternative devices, such as a joystick or lever.

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