Monday 28 December 2020

IIoT and terminal automation.

New market research on Terminal Automation Systems from ARC Advisory reveals that today’s terminal applications are expected to handle increased volume, higher flexibility, and greater capacity.  Terminal operations should streamline their business processes to stay competitive and retain profitability by leveraging the new technologies.

“In many cases, terminal operators have very little real-time visibility into what equipment is running without predictive activities. Industrial IoT solutions play a highly important role for digital transformation of tank farm management.  More modern terminal automation systems are being upgraded or reconfigured to support Industrial IoT-enabled connectivity and applications, including predictive maintenance,” according to Rex Sun, Analyst at ARC Advisory Group and key author of this report.

In addition to providing specific market data and industry trends, this market research also identifies and positions the leading suppliers to this market and provides and summarizes their relevant offering. 

This ARC research explores current and historical market performance and related technology and business trends, identifies leading technology suppliers, and provides five-year global forecasts for the terminal automation systems market.  This new research is based on ARC’s industry-leading market research database, extensive primary and secondary research, and proprietary economic modelling techniques.  The research includes competitive analysis, plus five-year market forecasts by primary business focus, revenue categories, sales channels, customers, and world region.

This new research is available in a variety of formats to meet the specific research and budgetary requirements of a wide variety of organizations. 

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