Tuesday 15 December 2020

Oil & Gas flowmeters.

Flow Research has nearly completed a new study on flowmeters used in the Oil & Gas industry. One purpose of the study is to provide data on flowmeters sold into the Oil & Gas industry worldwide and by region.  This includes all types of flowmeters, whether new-technology or conventional.  The data given is in both units and dollars.

"Our flowmeter data comes from interviewing suppliers about industries theysell into.  We've also talked to end-users, distributors, and OEMs.  Because we have studied every flowmeter type, we have a wealth of data to draw from. Even though the oil & gas industry has had its ups and downs, it plays a major role in the sales of many flowmeter types.  This especially includes Coriolis, ultrasonic, differential pressure, and turbine flowmeters.  We have received many requests to do industry-based studies, and this is our first one," says Jesse Yoder of Flow Research.

It also provides data on natural gas and oil production in defined regions, including by country.  Understanding where natural gas and oil is being produced is helpful in developing a strategy for selling into these regions.  Gas and oil production numbers are discussed in specific countries that stand out in terms of oil and gas activity.  A discussion is included of some of the major natural gas and oil companies that are operating in these regions.  Examples include Gazprom, BP, Exxon/Mobil, CNOOC, ADNOC, Qatargas, and many others.

This new study is called Flowmeters in the Oil & Gas Industry, and it will be published in January 2021.  

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