Tuesday 8 December 2020

Accelerating Digital Transformation in a Post-COVID World.

ARC Advisory Group is to host its European Industry Forum on May 18-19, 2021 as an online event. The forum is part of ARC’s successful series of worldwide conferences in the USA, India, China and Japan. Earlier this year, ARC Europe hosted a highly successful virtual event attended by 250 delegates.

Participants are invited to attend a series of exclusive speeches and workshops to discover strategies and stories from the digital front lines. ARC industry analysts and other automation experts from the end-user and supplier communities will analyze trends and drivers for the following topics:
  • 21st Century Operations: Where IT, OT and ET Converge
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Asset Performance Management
  • Automation Innovations
  • Blockchain for Industry
  • Cybersecurity for the New Normal in Industry, Infrastructure and Smart Cities
  • Digital Twins and Connected Smart Machines
  • Digital Workforce and Culture
  • Industrial 5G
  • Industrial IoT Platforms, Edge Infrastructure and End Devices
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Smart Cities
A representative of Philip Morris International comments on a previous forum: “ARC's forum is a very good opportunity to learn much more about the IT/OT transition. We all know the technology is available and we have learned that important success factors are people, culture, and security.”

ARC’s Industry Forum Europe helps delegates to learn more about how transforming factories, cities, and infrastructure will benefit technology end users and suppliers alike. They will discover what their peers and industry leaders are doing today and what steps they are taking to prepare for the future.

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