Tuesday 8 December 2020

Inclination sensors.

The inclination sensor SMX.igs-e is the first product of a completely newly developed generation of inclination and gyro sensors by Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW), which is based on the use of MEMS sensor technology. This family is part of a new, future-oriented software and hardware platform. In addition, the STW software Toolchain openSYDE is supported, which allows easy integration of the SMX.igs-e into an existing application and which is used during the initial operation of sensors.

The SMX.igs-e is used to measure the inclination angle of an object in relation to the earth's gravity field. The sensor technology used in combination with a compact and robust aluminum housing is ideal for applications in mobile machines and harsh environmental conditions. The measurement values are made available via a CAN interface. This enables easy integration of the sensor into existing systems.

The sensors allow one- or two-dimensional inclination measurements in the range of 360° as well as +/- 90°. The resolution is +/- 0.01°, the achievable accuracy is 0.3°. Internal filter algorithms are available to improve the accuracy of the measured values. This way the influences of parasitic accelerations can be reduced. A robust metal housing with integrated status LED completes the system. At the start of distribution, the sensors will be offered with a CAN interface. The CANopen and SAE J1939 protocol variants will be available at the beginning of 2021. All sensors are factory calibrated before delivery and have CE and E1 approval.

In addition, the STW Toolchain openSYDE is supported, which allows fast and comfortable integration of the sensor into existing and new applications. Preconfigured projects and dashboards support the fast and uncomplicated initial operation of SMX sensors.

The inclination sensors are often used in combination with other STW sensors or control units in the following applications:
  • Determination of the inclination for driving and working movements e.g. determination of the position of a digger scoop or a concrete pump
  • Ensuring the stability of vehicles with booms, e.g. cranes, lifting platforms, fire department turntable ladders
  • Position monitoring/inclination warning for mobile machines to ensure gear lubrication in applications with oil pan lubrication
  • Leveling of vehicles and/or attachments e.g. in the agricultural sector for the alignment and adjustment of sieves and threshing units in harvesting machines
  • For limiting the steer angle of a vehicle at critical lean angles
  • Reduction or avoidance of strong ship fluctuations due to wave movements
  • Adaptive adjustment of the brake pressure taking into account the inclination, e.g. in a harvester, to avoid excessive use of the brake system due to high brake pressures.
The SMX.igs-e is part of the STW sensor modular system for mobile hydraulics. It offers various products for the acquisition of physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, strain, inclination and angular velocity, as well as pressure switches also in a functionally safe design. In mobile machines, the measurement values are used, among other things, for monitoring and controlling the drive, the work function or the energy management and can also be made available on the Internet with onboard software and cloud solutions from STW, e.g. for predictive maintenance measures. In addition, STW sensors are characterized by their particular resilience and durability.

The Toolchain openSYDE, which STW makes available to its customers as open source, has been developed for automation specialists for construction machines, municipal vehicles, tractors etc. It is the integrating software with which users can design, develop, configure and service their applications throughout their entire life cycle.

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