Tuesday 8 December 2020

Air quality in construction.

Praxis/Urban units are part of a solution from South Coast Science, which allows contractors to meet air quality monitoring requirements during construction and roadworks in town and city centres.

Monitor on construction hoarding
(Adrian Thiedeman, EM-Monitors)
All local authorities in London have declared air quality management areas (AQMA's) that cover their entire borough. The control of dust and emissions during construction projects is now a requirement in London boroughs and for many City Councils across Britain.

As a result, under Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974, construction or roadworks contractors must set out plans for air quality monitoring and dust management in order to gain consent for the works. Noise and vibration management also falls under Section 61.

Praxis/Urban units are able to offer a reliable, robust solution ‘out of the box’ to monitor:

  • Particulates: PM10, PM2.5, PM1
  • Gases: (4 x selectable)
  • Temperature, relative humidity
  • Location (GPS)

Data is securely transferred to customers in real-time and accessed via any internet-enabled device, wherever they are in the world. This means data can easily be viewed using a smartphone or tablet. Data is securely stored in the cloud and device diagnostics and updates are made remotely, reducing the need for visits to site for either maintenance or calibration of the units.

For the end-user, this really is a plug and play solution, leaving them to concentrate on the construction project without getting bogged down in the details of compliance.

South Coast Science works with EM-Monitors, whose monitoring and testing services include the supply of Praxis/Urban devices to industry as well as training. They also work with consultants, manufacturers and end-users to understand their application and provide the best monitoring solutions in a number of fields including stack, water and biogas.

“Our air quality customers need systems that give precise, accurate and reliable results that can be relied upon to truly represent the actual conditions on-site. The Praxis/Urban delivers all of this,” says Adrian Thiedeman, EM-Monitors.

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