Thursday 10 December 2020

Manufacture of automation of continuous and/or fast processes joins open standard group.

GP Systems GmbH has joined FDT Group as a corporate member. Based in Kassel (D), with representation in India, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, North and South America, GP Systems specializes in development of hardware and software for automation of continuous and/or fast processes supporting optimal control technologies.

GP Systems assists the power, oil and gas, petrochemical, metallurgical, and utilities industries, providing a complete product line for process automation. This includes systems meeting requirement for fast response of the control action, distributed architectures, and systems with a large number of input/output (I/O) channels requiring fast response and redundancy.

FDT technology is recognized as the global de-facto device and network integration standard seamlessly deployed independent of platform, system, device, or network. FDT-enabled applications are widely serviced by tens of thousands of FDT-enabled systems and millions of FDT Device Type Managers™ (FDT/DTMs™) delivering a single, uniform, data-centric asset management approach to simplify operations.

“We see an increasing demand for FDT-enabled solutions providing transparent configuration and monitoring of field devices. To improve the satisfaction of the clients using Regul controllers in their projects, we decided to develop a software gateway DTM for FDT-based hosting environments such as, for example, PACTware,” stated Kirill Gorbushin, managing director of GP Systems GmbH. “This will bring a convenient configuration, operation and maintenance of the field equipment through a standardized user interface and regardless of the manufacturer, device type or communication protocol.”

FDT Group Managing Director Glenn Schulz welcomed GP Systems as the organization’s newest member. “GP-Systems GmbH’s corporate membership status and immediate interest in development and deployment of FDT-compliant solutions demonstrates FDT’s strength to meet industry-driven demands for advancement in open standard automation initiatives.”

• FDT Group’s mission is 100 percent driven by a membership-elected Board of Directors supported by industry feedback. Over the years, the FDT standard has evolved from a single-user desktop solution (FDT 1.2) to a client/server architecture with OPC UA (FDT 2.0), and it now offers a FDT Server distributed platform (FDT 3.0) natively integrated with an OPC UA Server and Web Server standardizing client and mobile access within the IIoT ecosystem. The vision to deliver a standardized, FDT IIoT data-centric platform is now innovating the way automation architectures connect and communicate in process, hybrid and discrete manufacturing, including motion control applications.
FDT Group membership offers unique business benefits enabled by the innovative FDT IIoT ecosystem, to support development and service offerings delivered and utilized by the entire industrial automation industry, including end users, suppliers/developers, service providers, universities, and individuals.

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