Monday 25 February 2019

The flow market analysed!

Flow Research are about to ship one of the most comprehensive studies ever published of the worldwide flowmeter market. This study is called Volume X: The World Market for Flowmeters, 7th Edition. This All-in-One Study gives 2018 market size and market shares, and forecasts through 2023 for all flowmeter types used in process environments.

In addition to Volume X, they are publishing a companion volume called Module A: Strategies, Industries, and Applications. This popular volume gives segmentation by industry and application for each flow technology. It also discusses the underlying growth factors and driving forces behind the different industries and applications. The strategies section shows how to gain an edge in a competitive market.
The study includes:
Market size in 2018 of the worldwide market by flowmeter type in US Dollars and units
Market size forecasts by flowmeter type through 2023 in dollars and units.
Market shares for each flowmeter type in 2018.
Both worldwide and regional market size and forecast data.
Growth factors and market trends for all flowmeter technologies.
A technology description and analysis for each flowmeter type, including major competitive strengths and weaknesses.
Company profiles with product information for easy comparison.

The study includes the following: New-Technology flowmeter markets: Coriolis, magnetic, ultrasonic, vortex, and thermal. 

It includes these Traditional Technology flowmeter markets: differential pressure, primary elements, positive displacement, turbine, open channel, and variable area. Emerging technologies in the study are sonar and optical.

The geographic segmentation includes North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe/FSU, Mideast/Africa, Japan, China, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

Over the past nine months, over 500 questionnaires were sent to all known suppliers of every flow technology. The questionnaire asked for geographic distribution and revenue information, along with industries, applications, fluid types, and projected growth from the base year of 2018. The results have been analysed and a complete study of the worldwide flowmeter market written. This is the 7th edition of this study, which was first published in 2003. At that time, the worldwide flowmeter market was $3.1 billion. The market has grown substantially since that time, and Flow Research have documented its growth every step of the way.

2018 was a very exciting year in the flowmeter market as it was one of recovery. Some technologies appear to have experienced unprecedented growth, especially in the magnetic flowmeter market. Their new Volume X captures this growth and makes it easy to determine which flowmeter types benefited most from the recovering market in 2018. Volume X is the only product on the market that captures the growth in all the flow technologies, including Coriolis, ultrasonic, positive displacement, turbine, variable area, and other types. 2018 is likely to be remembered as a year of unprecedented growth, and this will be reflected in this new Volume X study.

It makes it easy to compare market size, market shares, and growth rates for all types of flowmeters. They use the bottom-up method of determining market size for each flowmeter type, and then put these numbers together for the worldwide picture. This, it is mantained, is the only way to get a reliable picture of the world flowmeter market and to find out how the different flowmeter types compare with each other.

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