Monday 11 February 2019

Brexit! Robots to the rescue!

At a time when apprehension about Brexit is reaching fever pitch, an innovation company is helping British businesses to stay competitive by launching a robotics hire scheme alongside its existing robotics sales operation.

Under the scheme, Bots Automation is offering a range of robotic arms for hire that can help perform tasks including assembly, CNC machining, painting, injection molding, screwing, picking and placing.

Furthermore, Bots Automation aims is to disrupt the services and entertainment industry by introducing a range of humanoid robots that can serve drinks, take photos, print on a variety of media, display digital messages, provide consultative information, and even act as a receptionist.

With manufacturing businesses reluctant to make significant investment in capital equipment until the full implications of Brexit have been identified, Bots Automation’s range of collaborative robots can be hired on a flexible, zero investment scheme from as little as £2.70 per hour of use, with no minimum hire period.

Targeting owners and operators of hotels, restaurants, warehouses and manufacturing facilities, as well as any business wanting to make a big impression at an event or exhibition, Tim Warrington, Chief Executive Officer of Bots Automation, said: “Whether a customer is taking their first steps into robotics, or wishes to increase their existing automation levels, we are able to advise the most suitable way to implement the robot into the business. Whether you are buying or hiring, we offer training and programming upon delivery, and each robot comes with a Productivity & Measurement App that monitors and reports its performance.

“Most clients will start out with one robot, to see how it goes, usually before hiring or buying multiple numbers.”

Robot rental is already popular in the US thanks to businesses such as Hirebotics, but Tim believes Bots Automation is the first in Britain to offer such a scheme to businesses. He has secured a £1m investment to help drive forward this exciting new venture, and says: "Bots Automation wants to advance its partnership with the UK robotics and entertainment industry in the future.”

He has identified the entertainment sector in particular as an opportunity for his company to bring robotics into affordable everyday use. Bots Automation offers a range of interactive, customisable service robots designed to help stand out from the crowd and enhance customer engagement.

With the ability to engage with their audience, these humanoid robots can help market a customer’s brand by performing functions such as carrying out reception duties, delivering food and drink, gathering data, creating an interactive shopping experience, providing consultative and informative explanations, playing music and adverts, printing vouchers, helping with navigation, and acting as a guide – one model even uses facial recognition technology to capture and distribute images of consenting guests.

Additionally, the company is currently working on a Robot Bar, in which a robot mixes and serves cocktails for the guests. These service robots are designed to roam safely around a space using infra-red sensors for navigation, and are fully GDPR compliant.

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