Friday 1 February 2019

Monitoring ship carbon emissions.

Krohne Marine has introduced a new version of EcoMATE: the software system for fuel consumption monitoring now also includes monitoring and reporting of carbon emissions for ships. It enables crews, operators and fleet owners to monitor all vessel types with a single integrated software tool that provides automatic calculation and reporting of emission and efficiency data.

EcoMATE is compliant with the European Union (EU) regulation 2015/757 on the monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide emissions from maritime transport (EU MRV) and the global International Maritime Organization Data Collection System for fuel oil consumption on ships (IMO DCS), both aiming at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from shipping.

EcoMATE consists of four modules: fuel consumption monitoring, bunkering verification, EU MRV & IMO DCS emission reporting, and a Cloud module. The fuel consumption module provides for continuous measurement and monitoring of all fuel types consumed on board. Readings from (Coriolis mass) flowmeters mounted in supply and return lines of engines are consolidated, visualized and stored in the control room to monitor current and total usage of fuels, for example to validate efficiency.

The bunkering module provides for monitoring, verification and logging of fuel quantities received through the bunkering line: EcoMATE visualizes readings from an inline flowmeter as trend graphs during the bunkering process, e.g. mass flow or (compensated) volume flow rate, density and temperature. While all relevant data is logged and stored, reports showing total quantities of fuel types received together with verification of density can be printed or sent digital to a shore station.

The EcoMATE EU MRV & IMO DCS module helps crew, owners and operators to generate emission reports compliant to these regulations. It also incorporates a set of features easing daily operation and reporting requirements per voyage or per vessel.

The EcoMATE Cloud is a centralized web reporting tool for vessels running the EcoMATE system: data from the other three modules is automatically transmitted to a cloud where it can be viewed, downloaded or analysed via a dashboard that is accessible through any web browser. For example, trends of fuel consumption or emission in correlation with temperature, speed and/or kilowatt thrust per vessel can be shown. Vessels can be compared for the same voyage sailed months apart, and measured data from each vessel down to individual fuel consumer level can easily be analysed.

To suit different ship types, Krohne Marine offers an extended scope of supply for EcoMATE, including workstations, flowmeters, valves, supporting equipment and services depending on the installation.

• Krohne products are marketed in Ireland through DWN Instrumentation.

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