Wednesday 27 February 2019

Cybersecurity and SCADA.

SolutionsPT is to host a free Tech Day on Thursday, March 14th, designed to let engineers explore the latest developments within Citect SCADA 2018, and their comprehensive cyber security solutions.
The event will be held at SolutionsPT’s headquarters in Cheadle (GB) and will enable attendees to understand how Citect SCADA can help them to simplify their operations, reduce engineering time and increase productivity and real-time decision making through a combination of demos, case studies and hands-on workshops.

The Tech Day will also delve into the operational advantages which can be achieved by embracing cloud computing, which include the ability to transform data into actionable insights and increased integration with other industrial applications. The focus will then switch to an exploration of the latest breakthroughs in cyber security, including the benefits of enabling greater visibility into ICS networks and continuous threat detection.

A series of optional hands-on workshops in the afternoon will then allow those attending to experience the Citect SCADA 2018 and Claroty solutions first hand.

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