Tuesday 19 February 2019

AC line reactors.

The Schaffner Group has introduced a new generation of AC line reactors with optimised design and best cost-performance ratio.

RWK 3044 and RWK 3062 are designed for 400 VAC and 690 VAC power networks, and provide impedance of 4% and 2%, respectively. The Schaffner Power Quality product portfolio continues to be expanded with the launch of the brand new 2% 690 VAC line reactor RWK 3062. This further strengthens the unparalleled one-stop-shop approach for Schaffner partners and customers.

AC line reactors are an economical solution to reduce harmonic currents, limit inrush currents and to protect variable frequency drives (VFD). An overall improvement of the true power factor and the quality of the input current waveform can be achieved by their implementation. Furthermore, by incorporating RWK 3044 and RWK 3062 line reactors severe damaging phenomena such as commutation notches are reduced to comply with the recommended notch depth and notch area as per IEEE519-2014 (C.1). With the installation of the new Schaffner AC line reactors, the electrical infrastructure is unburdened, and its utilisation is much more efficient and reliable. This extends the service life cycle of electrical equipment and reduces energy costs.

With Schaffner’s expertise in the field of inductor design as well as broad experience in power quality and various reactor applications, the RWK 3044 and RWK 3062 line reactors are suitable for the most demanding industrial environments while still being very compact. Up to 50% weight reduction in comparison to former generations of AC line reactors can be achieved.

Schaffner RWK 3044 AC line reactors are rated from 380 VAC to 415 VAC, with current ratings from 2 A to 1000 A, while the RWK 3062 series are rated from 500 VAC to 690 VAC with current rating from 1.5 A to 870 A. They are available as open frame product (IP 00) and can be operated at an ambient temperature of 45°C without derating and up to 100°C with derating. All RWK 3044 and RWK 3062 reactors are CE-marked and RoHS compliant. The new reactors are easy to install and maintain and are fully supported in Schaffner’s well known power quality simulator Schaffner PQS3 for a quick and accurate performance check.

As a power quality solution provider, Schaffner offers customer-tailored solutions by combining reactors with passive and/or active harmonic filters. This will ensure dedicated harmonic mitigation solutions which improve system efficiency and reliability. And as Schaffner power quality is more than just products a professional and dedicated service organization is available to support our valued customers worldwide.

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