Monday 11 February 2019

Remote camera systems appointment.

Responding to continued growth in demand for its remote camera systems, Meteor Communications has appointed Chris Kaye as Business Development Manager with specific focus on the Drainage Authority sector.

Chris Kaye
Welcoming Chris to the company, Managing Director Matt Dibbs says: “With over 20 years of experience, supplying water boards, water companies and industry with telemetry equipment, Chris has a keen understanding of the applications for which this equipment has been designed. He is therefore in an ideal position to help customers choose the most appropriate equipment, and derive maximum benefits from the technology that is now available.

“This is a new post created specifically to handle the growing demand from customers needing visibility of remote infrastructure such as flood channels, trash screens, storm culverts, pump stations, weir gates and sluices.”

The Meteor Communications remote camera systems enable the acquisition of high quality real-time images from locations where no local power or data infrastructure exists. They can be integrated into existing systems, used as standalone units or supplied and installed as a complete web hosted solution.

Images can be taken on a timed interval basis or they can be triggered by an input from a sensor such as water level or movement, or by a digital output from the telemetry system.

Chris says he is delighted with the new role, adding: “This is an exciting position because we are now able to deliver good quality images from sites that were previously considered too difficult or expensive to monitor using cameras.

“Hundreds of these systems are already in operation, dramatically improving the management of site services; helping to determine which locations require a visit and providing vital information when an urgent response is required.”

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