Wednesday 13 February 2019

Power devices & developments kits stocked!

Anglia is now offering an extensive stock profile of Analog Devices’ (ADI) Power by Linear devices and development kits.

Commenting, Steve Rawlins, CEO of Anglia, said, “We’ve had a close relationship with Analog Devices for over six years, and the partnership has gone from strength to strength. The addition of the Power by Linear product range represents a huge vote of confidence in Anglia, and is a testament to the work that the demand creation and logistical fulfilment teams have done in identifying new opportunities for the line.”

Alastair Boyd Director of Sales Northern Europe at Analog Devices added, “Anglia has demonstrated conclusively that it is able to support customers in implementing complex technologies to enhance their projects and designs. We have every confidence that the flair and energy that have been central to their approach with the ADI range will bring them success with the new extended portfolio.”

After the acquisition of Linear Technology in 2017, Analog Devices introduced the Power by Linear brand for the combined companies’ power product portfolio. Anglia was appointed as an Analog Devices distributor for the UK in 2012.

Anglia has made a large investment in inventory across a broad range of the Power by Linear products including development tools to support customers with new designs. Many of these solutions can be accessed through Ezysample, giving same day shipment of free samples and development kits of selected design-in products.

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