Tuesday 19 February 2019

Optical screwdriver!

AFL’s lightweight, ergonomically-designed FOCIS WiFi2 fibre optic connector microscope does not require any cables or displays. All you need to operate the “optical screwdriver” sold by Laser Componants is a standard iOS or Android mobile device. The corresponding app is available for free download.

A technician can perform quick tests using just one hand: The focus of the inspection system can be set either manually or automatically at the touch of a button. After detection, the image is automatically centered for analysis. Pass/fail analyses for all important industry standards (IEC, IPC, AT&T) can also be performed at the touch of a button. The result is immediately displayed via the device’s multi-colored LEDs. For a detailed analysis, a detailed view of the image and the data is shown next to each other on the mobile device’s display.

A wide range of adapter tips is available for the FOCIS WiFi2, including MPO/MTP multi-fibre connectors.

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