Tuesday 12 February 2019

Robust laser module.

The FLEXPOINT® laser module ILM12IP from Laser Components is specially designed for outdoor use. Its housing complies with protection class IP67. This means that even the finest dust particles cannot penetrate the housing.

Even a half an hour of submersion in water does not bother the module. This has been confirmed by DIN-EN 60529:2014-09 tests performed by the TÜV inspection board.

With its M12 external thread made of stainless steel, the ILM12IP can be screwed in and connected quickly and easily. This makes it particularly suitable for adjustments or the alignment of machines (e.g., when positioning a drill on a workpiece). The module is available with green (520 nm) and red (635 nm) dot, cross-hair, and line lasers. The focus can either be set to a fixed distance or to infinity.

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